Friday, October 27, 2006

Building my Knowledge

Each and everyday I learn something new about blogging and the opportunities associated with it. I am still a "super-beginner" but I am getting ideas for new network blogs almost daily. I am registering these blogs when they come to me and adding and editing them as time permits. Over the weekend I plan on getting my four main blogs (Blogging for Money, Web Medical News, Young Dad , and Pens Insider) indexed so the traffic, and money, will increase. I am making my own business strategies as I progress but from what I have experienced thus far everything seems promising.

Over the weekend I have some major goals in mind in addition to the indexing of my sites. I am hoping to find some good affiliate stores and links to post to my site so that for some of my more product based blogs I can drive some traffic to stores. I am also planning on getting my Google personalized search engines up and running and start the process of indexing other blogs. My last goal of the weekend is to explore pay per post programs that pay for the posting of adds. This weekend should be a big step in my blogging career and if all goes well, should signifigantly improve the look and content of my network blogs.

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