Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The newest changes

Unless you haven't visited this site until now, you will notice that the color arrangement of the page has changed a little bit. The actual colors remained the same but were rearranged to tone down the main colors of the page to make it a little easier on the eyes. I also took some time to modify the adsense ads on this blog so they are a little more integrated into the blog and I moved them up so they will be a little more visible to those who don't always travel to the bottom of the pages.

As I type this I am in the middle of reading a PDF on optimizing your page for adsense revenue. For the rest of the day I am going to be fuguring out how to add tags to my blog and blog posts so they can be found more readily. I also hope to explore Wordpress a bit more because the more I read the better Wordpress sounds. Indexing sites have been my best friend and have really helped stabilize my traffic spikes and I hope to add a few more indexes to the list and get my page views a bit higher. Come back tonight for a bit of a walkthrough on adding tags to your blog.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Web Medical News Updated

Tonight Web Medical News recieved a much needed update. As you can see by a quick glance on the page, I made the template a little more medical themed. This change was long overdue and even though it isn't exactly how I want it, it is much closer. In addition to posting on all of my blogs today I have just been tinkering around and researching my next steps.

Technorati provided a nice boost in traffic yesterday. My personal blog recieved the most signifigant traffic boost and the numbers for two of the sites are still coming in. I am hoping to add another blog to my network this week (It's gonna be a SUPRISE) as well as frequently posting updates and researching for next weekend.

I have decided to get a notebook out for all my blogging ideas to go in s a to do list for each day and a list of goals for the coming months. Thanks to Gayla I think I have nailed down two really good niches that I am going to focus on. Throughout all of the reseaas well arch I have done thus far I have found that quality and quantity are key to being successful. As I see it right now my blog network is an investment of time and effort that will pay off in the long run and I welcome all of you to follow me along the way.

Tonight's updates...

Tonight I am going to do some major visual modifications, mainly focusing on my Web Medical News template. The template is going to go from bleak and black, to light and medically oriented. Also this week I will update each of the other blogs, ping them to technorati, and possibly add some more widgets to blogger. The outcome of these changes will be addressed later tonight.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Co-op Struggles

I still have yet to figure out how to set up the Google Custom Search Engine (Co-op). I had to resort to asking the experts in the Google group for help with it since, as fas as I could tell, everything was set up right. Despite this setback, I did get all 4 of the blogs I have made so far added to Technorati. Indexing the site drove decent traffic to the sites right away which was nice and if I can add them to some more indexes before the end of the week traffic should be looking good at the end of week 2 of my blogging experience.

I am well on my way to getting this just how I like them and once I can perfect and handle the four blogs I have now I will add more of them to my network. Before summer my goal is to be opperating 20 blogs or more and have them generate a nice supplemental income. I might launch a 5th blog later this week (probably Thursday or Friday), but it all depends on how everything else works out. My next update should be posted midday tommorrow.

Added Affiliate Links

I signed up for the Amazon affiliate program and added a few relevant products to some of my sites. I also spent some time setting up some more feedburner links as well as putting the feed in all of my blogs that are live. Let me know if you link to my blog because I would be more than glad to return the favor.

Tommorrow is going to be focused on indexing my sites on Technorati among other sites and adding tags. By the end of the tommorrow I hope to have enough posts, content, and widgets installed and operating so that I can track the influx of views to establish a good starting point. Google Coop is giving me some problems so I am doing my best to get that up and opperational by tonight at the earliest and tommorrow at the latest (hopefully). Keep checking back throughout the weekend to see the updates as they happen.

New Template

As you can see if you visited the site in it's days of infancy (aka: yesterday) we have updated the template and color scheme of the blog. Thanks goes to Griffin from Mo' Bettah Marketing for the helpful suggestion. Today has been spent so far editing and refining the content I have on my blogs so far as well as creating the fourth blog in my network. Before I can focus on posts and content I need to implement the backbone into my webpages. Look for another update tonight on what I got accomplished throughout my entire network as well as what is in store for tommorrow.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Building my Knowledge

Each and everyday I learn something new about blogging and the opportunities associated with it. I am still a "super-beginner" but I am getting ideas for new network blogs almost daily. I am registering these blogs when they come to me and adding and editing them as time permits. Over the weekend I plan on getting my four main blogs (Blogging for Money, Web Medical News, Young Dad , and Pens Insider) indexed so the traffic, and money, will increase. I am making my own business strategies as I progress but from what I have experienced thus far everything seems promising.

Over the weekend I have some major goals in mind in addition to the indexing of my sites. I am hoping to find some good affiliate stores and links to post to my site so that for some of my more product based blogs I can drive some traffic to stores. I am also planning on getting my Google personalized search engines up and running and start the process of indexing other blogs. My last goal of the weekend is to explore pay per post programs that pay for the posting of adds. This weekend should be a big step in my blogging career and if all goes well, should signifigantly improve the look and content of my network blogs.

The beginning of a journey...

My journey on the blogging road has begun. As of about two weeks ago I began my first blog and have since expanded with this being my third at the time of this post. My blogs as they stand are still in the basic stages and much more tweaking will occur over the weekend. I intend to take my blogs as far as possible with the hopes they will one day become one of the premiere blog networks on the web. I am collecting tips along the way and will pass them on to you in a series of posts, which will eventually be indexed into a guide and site for beginning bloggers. I have found the path to blogging harder than I thought it was going to be and hope to make this adventure easier for those who come after me. Thanks for stopping by and while you are here check out the other blogs which I operate.