Saturday, October 28, 2006

Co-op Struggles

I still have yet to figure out how to set up the Google Custom Search Engine (Co-op). I had to resort to asking the experts in the Google group for help with it since, as fas as I could tell, everything was set up right. Despite this setback, I did get all 4 of the blogs I have made so far added to Technorati. Indexing the site drove decent traffic to the sites right away which was nice and if I can add them to some more indexes before the end of the week traffic should be looking good at the end of week 2 of my blogging experience.

I am well on my way to getting this just how I like them and once I can perfect and handle the four blogs I have now I will add more of them to my network. Before summer my goal is to be opperating 20 blogs or more and have them generate a nice supplemental income. I might launch a 5th blog later this week (probably Thursday or Friday), but it all depends on how everything else works out. My next update should be posted midday tommorrow.

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