Saturday, October 28, 2006

Added Affiliate Links

I signed up for the Amazon affiliate program and added a few relevant products to some of my sites. I also spent some time setting up some more feedburner links as well as putting the feed in all of my blogs that are live. Let me know if you link to my blog because I would be more than glad to return the favor.

Tommorrow is going to be focused on indexing my sites on Technorati among other sites and adding tags. By the end of the tommorrow I hope to have enough posts, content, and widgets installed and operating so that I can track the influx of views to establish a good starting point. Google Coop is giving me some problems so I am doing my best to get that up and opperational by tonight at the earliest and tommorrow at the latest (hopefully). Keep checking back throughout the weekend to see the updates as they happen.

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