Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The newest changes

Unless you haven't visited this site until now, you will notice that the color arrangement of the page has changed a little bit. The actual colors remained the same but were rearranged to tone down the main colors of the page to make it a little easier on the eyes. I also took some time to modify the adsense ads on this blog so they are a little more integrated into the blog and I moved them up so they will be a little more visible to those who don't always travel to the bottom of the pages.

As I type this I am in the middle of reading a PDF on optimizing your page for adsense revenue. For the rest of the day I am going to be fuguring out how to add tags to my blog and blog posts so they can be found more readily. I also hope to explore Wordpress a bit more because the more I read the better Wordpress sounds. Indexing sites have been my best friend and have really helped stabilize my traffic spikes and I hope to add a few more indexes to the list and get my page views a bit higher. Come back tonight for a bit of a walkthrough on adding tags to your blog.

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