Sunday, October 29, 2006

Web Medical News Updated

Tonight Web Medical News recieved a much needed update. As you can see by a quick glance on the page, I made the template a little more medical themed. This change was long overdue and even though it isn't exactly how I want it, it is much closer. In addition to posting on all of my blogs today I have just been tinkering around and researching my next steps.

Technorati provided a nice boost in traffic yesterday. My personal blog recieved the most signifigant traffic boost and the numbers for two of the sites are still coming in. I am hoping to add another blog to my network this week (It's gonna be a SUPRISE) as well as frequently posting updates and researching for next weekend.

I have decided to get a notebook out for all my blogging ideas to go in s a to do list for each day and a list of goals for the coming months. Thanks to Gayla I think I have nailed down two really good niches that I am going to focus on. Throughout all of the reseaas well arch I have done thus far I have found that quality and quantity are key to being successful. As I see it right now my blog network is an investment of time and effort that will pay off in the long run and I welcome all of you to follow me along the way.

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