Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Invisible Additions

Yesterday ending up being quite productive, even though very little of what I added can be seen. One of the biggest changes I made is in the way I post and update my blogs. I am now posting with a program called Qumana.

This new program allows me to post to all of my blogs from one location, my desktop. It also allows me to do nearly everything I could on the actual blogger web site except for changing the template of the blog. Among it's many features is the ability to add tags. This is the main reason I chose to use this program. Adding Technorati tags can be tedious and this program will make my posting much more efficient.

I have found a lot more blogging affiliate and ad programs but they are not all implemented yet so I am going to discuss those later tonight as well as provide you with my first hand experience with each program so you can decide which of the programs fit your blogging for money needs.

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