Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Google Audio Ads Slated for 2006 Release

It is crunch time for Google Audio Ads. According to sources, Google is still planning on releasing Audio Ads before the end of the year. Audio Ads is a new venture for Google, who has stuck to online advertising as its main venture. These new ads will be purchased through Adwords and played to targeted radio station and listeners around the country. This is their first venture into radio advertising and they should receive quite a response once the program is released.

Pricing is going to be an interesting statistic to look at when Audio Ads are released. If the ads are conservatively priced you will likely hear a flood of the ads on your local radio station. Another thing that everyone will be looking at is format, just how will the ads sound, etc.? Whether the program is released before the end of the year may be another story. Others had previously reported it was going to be released earlier this year with the supposed release date having come and gone with no announcement.

This new program will provide an easy way to enter radio advertising for those who felt overcome by the media previously.

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