Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tip: Pre-posting is Your Friend

Pre-posting, at least that is what I have nicknamed it, is setting Wordpress to automatically post your blog at a specified time in the future. Pre-posting has some unique advantages to offer. First, pre-posting allows you to blog in the morning which is the best time to blog without actually being at your computer to post. All you have to do is write the post ahead of time, then set the blog to post whenever you choose.

You can also set your blog to pre-post while you are on vacation. This allows your blog to remain updated without needing or having access to a computer. Pre-posting is advantageous to your blog because it allows you to post at the optimal times and while you are away from your computer, giving you freedom from your computer while making your blog both constantly updated and increasing your revenue.

To pre-post, type a post in Wordpress as you would normally, then find the "Post Timestamp" section in the right post-options section of the screen. Check the "edit timestamp" box and choose any time in the future when you want the post to be put on your blog.

Remember, morning posts typically generate more traffic and higher Adsense revenue.

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