Sunday, December 31, 2006

AdMonsters Job Site Goes Live

AdMonsters, the leading online ad sales membership group, has recently launched their new job site, AdMonsters Jobs. I think with time this has the potential to be one of the top job boards for many different fields of technology but particularly blog networks. Now the prices seem a bit steep if I understand them correctly ($499 for one slot) but it will be an interesting venture to keep an eye on as they grow and develop.

Update: After I wrote this post I was contacted by Jennifer Siegel from the site who was able to clarify some things. First, she told me that admonsters is:

the only association exclusively dedicated to professionals in online advertising ‘operations’. By maintaining our exclusive focus on ad operations, AdMonsters provides a much richer forum for our members and others either seeking employment in ad operations or wish to announce an available position to this highly targeted audience.
She also informed me that members of admonsters are able to post two jobs for free. The $499 price tag for one job listing was confirmed although they do offer package discounts for people who frequently post jobs.

Now that I can confirm the price tag I would have to say that if I was a blogging startup I would utilize ProBlogger's job board before I would jump up into such a big investment as this is. The ProBlogger job board is $50 for 30+ days which is about $450 cheaper than admonsters.

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