Thursday, December 21, 2006

Amazon Payments Go Monthly

The Amazon Associates program will be switching from quarterly to monthly payments in 2007. Instead of getting the previous 4 checks, direct deposits, or gift certificates you will be receiving 12. The amount of time that must pass after a pay period is now 60 days meaning you will be receiving your January payments in April. Now this is an increase over the previous 30 days but it all works out in the end with the more frequent payments. Here are the new tiers for commission as well:
Great new rates for Affiliates. The old tier system required over 9000+ items to be shipped to reach the highest tier. Now it is just over 3000+ so its giving quite a bit more on all the tier levels. Amazon also had some news for those who are still receiving checks:

“Lastly, effective January 1, 2007, we are increasing the Check Processing Fee for US-based Associates from $8 to $15. The minimum check amount is still $100. We encourage all US-based Associates to choose direct deposit (EFT) or Gift Certificates as their payment method to avoid this fee. The minimum amount for these payment types is $10. Visit Associates Central to change your payment method.”
Overall great news for Amazon Associates and things are looking good for 2007.

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Homemom said...

Hopefully this will add more money, I love books and I shop amazon for all gifts. Too bad I always forget to click on my own link when I am cashing out. UGH.

(sent ya an email)