Friday, December 08, 2006

Blogging for Money: Update

Blogging for money has undergone some significant but important changes this week. First, I made some design changes to both this blog and Pens Insider. Most of these changes were subtle and intended to produce better advertising performance. Some further changes were made to the layout of the blogs to make them a bit easier to navigate and to provide readers with a more unique and enjoyable experience.

So what's next? Well the biggest projects and ventures I am working on are just starting to get off the ground. The quickest and most readily available changes will be with Pens Insider. In the first week of January I should be moving Pens Insider to its new home at If you visit the site now you will see the unfinished template I am going to be using.

The move is hinging on some final tweaking of the theme including some color changes and the addition of a header and some miscellaneous images. I also have to work on some other aspects of the site as well. I will post an update later tonight on some of the changes in store for this site so everyone will be prepared for whats in store, although some things will remain secret. Last, if you want to stay up to date with this site and my upcoming projects subscribe to the Blogging for Money RSS feed to be kept up to the minute of the newest posts and updates.

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