Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How to Avoid Being Banned From Adsense

Adsense is an advertising program by Google which allows website owners to enroll and post the ads on their websites. In return for their web space, website owners are rewarded in the form of cash based on the number of clicks or views an ad gets. This form of payment has led many publishers to be banned for fraudulent activities that are often cloudy at best. There are set guidelines all publishers agree to but very few take the time to read.

  1. Don’t Click on Your Own Ads - The number one no-no with Adsense is clicking on your own ads. It is also one of the most common ways in which publishers are banned and the most well known of all Adsense rules. Despite this, many publishers are banned every year for fraudulent clicks so simply don’t risk losing your Adsense privileges.

  2. Don’t Ask Others to Click Your Ads - Another common mistake publishers make is to hint to users to click their ads or even directly ask them to do so. This is also against the Adsense rules because the purpose of the program is advertising to those who are sincerely interested in the product or service. Others are not as discrete and explicitly recruit others to click their ads.

  3. Have Good Traffic - Not all traffic is good traffic. What traffic isn’t good? Traffic generated from auto-surf programs is not legitimate traffic and could get you banned from Adsense. The people at Adsense are very good at distinguishing legitimate traffic from “fake” traffic so hedge your bets and resist the supposed temptation of such programs.

  4. Keep Your Sites Family Friendly - Adsense prides itself on offering family friendly advertising and keeping the advertising on family friendly sites. Putting Adsense ads on sites with vulgar, adult content is another common way to be removed from the program.

  5. Don’t Mess with the Big Dogs - Google is a huge company; avoid making them mad at all costs. As per Adsense terms of service do not tamper with the HTML code of Adsense ads. If you’re discovered to be doing this you will earn a ticket straight to the Adsense infirmary. Google also does not want you to create anything that “looks” like it is by Google.

  6. Don’t Trick Readers - Adsense relies on truth and honesty. You will be banned for any attempt to trick readers into clicking your ads for whatever reason.

Finally, Adsense has and will keep an open line of communication. It is your responsibility as a publisher to communicate any questions, problems, or concerns you have with Adsense. If you accidentally violate a rule and fess up to Adsense they typically are very understanding and the only action they normally take in such situations is removal of invalid revenue. Remember, Adsense wants you to succeed and is there to help.

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