Monday, December 18, 2006

How To Blog About a Popular Topic and Get Noticed

Darren Rowse, one of my many inspirations and resources, has written a post about how to blog about an overly blogged or popular topic and still get noticed. He recently wrote a post about Time's Person of the Year announcement but with a slight twist. His humorous look at the decision made his post stand out form the crowd of thousands of others. Here are his recommendations to stand out:

  1. Find a Fresh Angle
  2. Be Fast
  3. Be Controversial or Humorous
  4. Use Striking Images
  5. Promote Your Post
In Darren's post he has commentary to go along with each of these so a read of the original is well worth it. On the "Be Fast" note, I was the first to email Darren about the story so I got some promotion out of his popular article too. I recommend giving the post a read and putting the tips to use in your own future blogging.

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