Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New Media Studio Announced

Andrew Michael Baron, the founder of Rocketboom and VoIP entrepreneur Jeff Pulver are launching a network studio called Abbey Corps. Baron has promised a slow reveal about the project on his blog: "My next clue will reveal which other shows are a part of the studio and then I will go on to explain why I believe it’s a much better business than Podshow or Podtech." The studio will be a direct competitor to Revision3.

It has been suggested the new studio will probably include Zadi Diaz, Amber Dawn MacArthur, and Steve Garfield. In the past Pulver had discussed launching what would amount to another Rocketboom, although in the end he went with the founder on a new venture. Should be an interesting project to keep an eye on as more and more is revealed about it.

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