Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Using BlogKits

Some of BlogKits Advertisers

Since I have started this blog I have relied almost solely upon Google Adsense and the returns have been so-so. Since I am all about making all I can (who isn't) I have decided to try a new program. The new program is called BlogKits and is a good program for most bloggers but especially for those who have low traffic (Under 100 uniques a week). Now I do not fall into this category but I am going to give it a go for a few reasons. One, a lot of big blogs are talking about it. Two, I like the ideas behind the service. And three, I like most of the ads that circulate. Not to mention I can directly ask people to click the ads (see top of posts and top of sidebar, wink!). I am going to let them run their course for a while then put out an analysis on my experience. I should have a more complete review of what the program is and how it works in a day or so also.

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1 comment:

stocktube said...

good to read there're other supplementary to adsense ...

anyway, what if i do not have the "SS# or Corp ID# or ABN" which is required (compulsory) during the registration ? i can't find any email for me to seek clarification ... care to advice ?