Monday, January 08, 2007

901am Gives Away Domains

Today as part of the announcement that Blogger now offers domain hosting (I will be writing about this a little later tonight) 901am announced they would give a free domain name for life to the first 20 people who left a comment or contacted them. I was one of the lucky 20 who received a free domain which will be for my Web. Medical. News. blog.

I could have recieved a domain for Blogging for Money but with no domains really being left without changing the name of this blog I decided to hold off until I rebrand and expand this blog and my network. A big thanks to David Krug and the entire 901am team for the giveaway. It is always fun to win something such as this and thanks go to him for helping me expand my network.

Visit the site and give 901am some love!

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