Saturday, January 20, 2007

Advertising Options for Your Blog

When it comes to earning money from your blog most blogs opt for one form of earning or the other. Direct income means you make money directly from things placed or sold on your blog while indirect means the blogger makes money because of their blog but not directly from it.

The most common and well documented way to earn from your blog is advertising. Advertising comes in many forms including contextual advertising, CPC advertisements, impression based ads, text ads, and RSS ads.

Contextual advertising comprises a lot of the ads you see every day on the web. Some common contextual advertising programs include Google Adsense and YPN. In a nutshell these programs scan the content on your blog and display ads that are relevant to the topic at hand. The pay is on a "per click" basis which means that every time an ad on your site is clicked you earn a certain amount based on the ad. These programs are especially popular because they require very little human interaction and have higher click through rates because of their targeted nature.

CPC advertisements are essentially the same as the contextual ads listed above but differ in one critical aspect, they do not scan your content which means they can be displayed on the same page as Google Adsense and YPN advertisements without violating their terms of service. There are various different forms of these types of ads, most notably Chitika's eMiniMalls which can be set up to display ads about keywords which you enter. These can be combined with Adsense and YPN to maximize your earnings and blog advertising.

Impression based advertisements are becoming a thing of the past due to changes in web site design and the declining value of a page view but are still important to talk about until they become obsolete. Impression based ads pay a small amount every time that an ad is viewed on your website. This amount is often a fraction of a penny, but can add up over time. Fastclick and Tribal Fusion are two of the many impression based ad services. To get the most out of impression based ads you will have to have high traffic numbers otherwise your time and effort will likely lead to little reward.

Text links are an emerging way of monetizing blogs mainly because they are easy to implement and are unobtrusive. Text ads are basically links which you sell to other sites and you get a large cut of the price they are sold for while the company who handle the transaction takes a cut. Both Adbrite and Text Link Ads are two companies that sell your text links while you approve all proposed purchases. All you have to do on the tech side of things is copy and paste a code into your template and your ready to earn.

Perhaps the newest way to earn money from your blog is to utilize RSS ads. RSS is way for people to read your blog via and RSS reader but the downside is that none of the above methods of advertisements can be seen by those on RSS readers. What does this mean to you? That a lot of your earnings are going down the drain. To solve this problem programs such as Feedburner have come up with a way to place ads in feeds. The ads may not earn as much money as other advertising forms but they can be a great option for earning the most from your blog.

The above resources are just some of the many advertisers and ad types for your blog. Do some research on your own about other options and tinker with your site to earn the most from your advertising sources. Effectively combining the above advertising types and implementing them into your blog are key to earning the most money for your time and effort.

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