Sunday, January 07, 2007

HTML 101: Tubetorial, Helping Bloggers Learn To...Blog

Tubetorial's recent HTML 101 series is a must read for most bloggers who have no idea how to write even the most simple HTML code. Here is some text from Tubetorial about the project:

"Thanks to blogging, millions of people are now publishing online with zero knowledge of basic HTML, which is the most basic language that web pages are built upon.

However, that lack of basic knowledge often leaves people unable to make simple tweaks to elements of their blogs, or to create a simple web page that lies outside of the blog architecture and navigation."

Right now they have 6 topics up and I am not sure if there are more to be added or not but they are definitely a start to learn basic HTML coding.I have a feeling there will be more since 6 seems like an odd number for this sort of thing but anyways here's is the topics listed so far:
  1. How to Create a Simple HTML Web Page
  2. Here’s How HTML Tags Work When Creating Web Pages
  3. How to Format Web Page Text With Block Tags
  4. Spice Up Your Web Page Text With Inline Tags
  5. How to Code Links and Images in HTML
  6. How to Code Tables in HTML
Now I am by no means an HTML expert but I have a decent handling on the basics. Despite this I think unless you really know a lot about HTML you should give these a read if not for anything else they serve as a good refresher.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I'm glad you found the tubetorials useful. There should be a total of 9 videos for this html 101 series. Who knows, if they are well received, I may create an html 202 series.

First though, I'm going to do a CSS series.