Saturday, January 20, 2007

Other Contextual Ads Now Allowed on Same Pages as Adsense Ads

JenSense is reporting that Google's recent policy revisions allows you to publish other contextual ads on the same page. This is big news because many publishers had to choose AdSense or a number of other "second tier" services. Now webmasters can use some AdSense ads along with ads by other services as well. This change may greatly increase the variety of ads seen on sites as well as increase earnings to those who wish to use multiple programs.

The previously mentioned rules still stand however and the new ads should not look like Google ads as this would be a violation. Some networks that are now compatible along with AdSense include Chitika, IntelliTXT, and Kontera. Note though, YPN ads cannot be published along with AdSense ads because it is against their terms of service.

Even with the changes do not let your new found power go to your head. Use common sense. Don't clutter your site with so much advertising that the users experience is affected. Instead use the ads sparingly to see how your readers respond. That being said I recommend keeping your previous advertising scheme in terms of number relatively intact but change it up with a few different companies to see what kind of money and click through rates you can get.

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