Sunday, January 14, 2007

Voice Your Opinion: Wikipedia's War on Blogs

Wikipedia user Timecop has lauched a War on Blogs. The aim of the project is to delete what he deems "worthless" blog related Wikipedia pages. Now if the motive of the project was to actually erase fake Wikipedia pages about blogs I could see this seeing a worthwhile project but it has other motives.

From everything I have read the goal of this project is to erase nearly everything and everything blog related unless the person in question is famous for something else. Personally I use Wikipedia all the time to find out the history of a person, blog, or software and deleting pages will be fruitless because more and more will be added in the future as blogging goes further into the mainstream.

What do you think: is this project worthwhile or is it just one users rogue attempt to erase everything blog?

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