Friday, January 19, 2007

Ways to grow your blog...

Now I haven't been doing much on the "tips" side of blogging here but I am looking to get back to it and here is a great way how. I recently read a post about growing your blog 2000% in one month. Below is a quick summary of the post but I definitely recommend reading the full article since there are some great tips throughout the whole thing.

So your just starting to blog and want to know what you need to do first. Well first make sure you get a good host with little/no downtime. This is key to building a respected site that is always "on" when your users decide to visit. Second, make sure you pick a long lasting domain that won't lose its allure. Also, go all out, buy domains when you start instead of blogging a few months on Blogger for example only to switch and lose all the links you had built. Also make sure you:

  • Pick the right blogging platform. I recommend Wordpress.
  • Pick the right niche. Make sure there is a market but that it isn't flooded or is going down in traffic not up.
  • Don't forget your old posts. Move all of your posts from Blogger or other platform to Wordpress, it ads a lot of credibility.
  • Pick the right theme. Cutline is your best bet, in my opinion.
Drive up inbound links. The more the merrier when it comes to these and you will just have to wait this out but having good content that will get linked to sure helps.

The full post here more fully explores all of the above topics and does a really good job of conveying how even the average joe can grow their blog tremendous amounts.

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