Friday, October 27, 2006

The beginning of a journey...

My journey on the blogging road has begun. As of about two weeks ago I began my first blog and have since expanded with this being my third at the time of this post. My blogs as they stand are still in the basic stages and much more tweaking will occur over the weekend. I intend to take my blogs as far as possible with the hopes they will one day become one of the premiere blog networks on the web. I am collecting tips along the way and will pass them on to you in a series of posts, which will eventually be indexed into a guide and site for beginning bloggers. I have found the path to blogging harder than I thought it was going to be and hope to make this adventure easier for those who come after me. Thanks for stopping by and while you are here check out the other blogs which I operate.

1 comment:

Thatsnews said...

Good luck! I wish you every success!

I suddenly realised the other day: "Hang on! I have become a publisher!"

Best wishes in your career as a publisher!