Sunday, November 12, 2006

After Much Consideration...

After lots and lots of thinking about everything I have done thus far I have decided it is time to move up to the big time. I am alluding to the project that I have been discussing for over a week. The project is going to be huge and funding and time are my biggest constraints. Because of these problems and my excitement to get it underway as soon as possible I have put the contract up for bids. Even though I would like to create and run the project on my own this just isn't logical for business and personal reasons.

I did install Wordpress on the new blog today and will try to run it on my own. The bidding was sort of put out as a last resort in the off chance I can't learn Wordpress in the next few weeks. I also hope to write a press release for the new business as well as some other essential documents I will need before launch.

As long as I find a good coder to create the template and other codes or learn to create the code myself the launch in January 2007 should stick. I am going to look into the business aspects of the launch such as press coverage and advertisers. Posting will continue throughout the process and if someone wants to inquire or bid on the project feel free to contact me.

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Anonymous said...

Don't give up, Kris! I support you 100%! Keep the dream alive! :)