Saturday, November 18, 2006

Back To Work With Late Night Blogging

If you have noticed my absence the past few days it was because we were busy welcoming our healthy daughter into the world. At 1:42 am Friday morning we welcomed Kayleigh Grace Peterson-Karkoski into the world. She weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces and was 22 inches long.

Baby, Mother and Father are all resting at home and look forward to all the joy she has brought into our lives thus far and the continued joy we will recieve every day from here on out. Last but not least we thank God for all his blessings making the birth as joyful and pain-free as possible and for giving us the gift of a healthy baby girl.

I am now getting back to work both blogging and with some other projects and am going to be making some pages in both style and content. I am going to take a slightly different style with this blog and begin to integrate some more "How to..." style posts into the blog as well as some friendly reminders and tips. I have been getting flooded with how do I start and what should I do emails so I think it is time I start adressing this a little more heavily with my posts. Don't worry I will continue to post about my blogging updates but I will expand my posting to include more of these posts in addition to the old style as well.

Changes are also going to resume on a few other projects as well, including some updates on my other blogs. I have begun the process of building up for my new site and tommorrow will likely be busy with inquiries. A new project actually came into my head today and after searching some domains a bit I found just the domain I was looking for so I snatched it up. The topic this newest domain is on goes to much of why blogging started and why it has been gaining influence. If all goes well both projects should be highly successful as both present new and radical ideas that have yet to be created just yet. The newest site is also a bit more time dependent so it will likely recieve a bit more attention once I have the "backbone" of my code written.

As for tonight, I am so tired from the whole labor/delivery and sleeping in a broken recliner thing that I am speeding through all of my blogs providing an update for loyal readers wondering where the heck I had gone.

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