Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Major Overhaul Coming

After looking at many different resources online I am going to conduct a major overhaul on all of my sites. Although I am not nearly as experienced as I would like with blogging and image editing, I am going to attempt to create new and better layouts and ad placements on all of my websites. Within the next month I should be moving over to my own domains and hosting which will allow me with ultimate editing and flexibility. So keep your eyes out for changes and if you visit any of the sites and they don't look like they should it is probably because I am in the middle of editing them.

I did get a few things done since my last post. Tops on this list was the replacement of my adbrite ads. They seem to be working again so unless something further happens they will remain on my blogs. I also got my feet wet with a program called GIMP that is a sort of free photo shop. I created my first header for one of my blogs just to get used to the controls but I haven't figured out how to upload it yet. By the end of Thurday I should, hopefully, have this first header up as well as some minor tinkering with my posts.

Tommorrow I will write a post about monitoring Adsense on your desktop and a quick recap of my advertising plan.

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