Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Blogs Are Brite...

Adbrite that is. Today most of what I did was changing my side blog ads over to adbrite ads as well as putting adsense content blocks on the top of each blog. If this trial works I will keep it but from the very limited time I have had them updated the response (click thrus) has been positive to say the least. I am also going to sort of test Q ads on every other post to see how those work out for me.

Today I also researched quite a bit on web addresses and transferring from Blogger to Wordpress when I am ready to expand to my own domains. Right now you can't transfer from Blogger Beta to Wordpress so I am wonder whether to switch now or continue on Blogger until they add the transfer feature. I am going to look into it a bit more before a make a final decision.

Also today, I messed around with graphic designing some more including score modules for the Pens Insider blog and some headers for all of my blogs. I think with some time and experimenting with the HTML I should be able to make the template look just how I want them to. As for when I will have everything fine tuned, I am aiming for next weekend but with the due date of my child getting closer and closer a temporary hiatus from blogging is imminent.

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