Saturday, November 04, 2006

Using Q Ads On My Blogs

One of the biggest changes of the past few days was finding and implementing new, more directed advertisements. One program I found to use is called Q ads and the reason I like it so much is its easy implementation and ability to be put within posts.

The first thing you will want to do is visit the Q ads site and download the toolbar button for whatever browser it is that you use. Once it is installed you will want to register for a client name so the revenue the ads generate goes to you instead of Q ads in general. Once this is done you are ready to put the ads in you posts. To do this just click the Q ads button while you are posting. A screen will load and all you have to do is enter relevant keywords, select a size (I like 364 X 75), and enter your client name. If everything looks good just click OK and the ad should appear in your post.

I haven't had the ads for long enough to determine their true value for generating revenue. One of the disadvantages I have noticed is the inability of the ads to be customized so they fit in with the color scheme of your blog. They stand out because they are white box links but this is not enough a deterrent for me to give up on the program all together. If you use Q ads let me know how your experience has been and how the program works for you.

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