Thursday, November 30, 2006

Preparing Your Blog for the Holidays

Today is the last day of November which means Christmas is only 25 days away. It is now crunch time for getting your blog in the festive spirit. This series of posts will provide helpful tips on what you can do to make your blog ready for the holidays.

  1. Traffic - Christmas season is shopping season. Internet sales have been steadily growing and you can tap into this by preparing your blog. In the weeks leading up to Christmas shoppers will be browsing the net looking for the best deals and ideas for gifts so prepare accordingly. If you run a product oriented site expect a higher jump than others. Some bloggers may experience staggering jumps while others may have a simple traffic increase daily leading up to Christmas. Some might experience no traffic boost at all.

  2. Interests - Your readers interests and mood have likely changed this time of year as well. The investigative nature of their minds will be researching the best gifts and deals on products and readers will probably be more inclined to click on your ads. This is a perfect reason to post gift ideas and reviews as well as where they can find good deals with some well placed affiliate links. Many good gift ideas and reviews can be found on Associated Content.

  3. Advertising - Competition between rival companies run the highest during the holiday season and you can use this to your advantage. Many companies will be willing to offer you more to put an ad on your blog, especially if it is prepared for increased traffic or is a Christmas or product blog.

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