Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tip: Blog in the Morning

If possible, post to your blogs in the morning or earlier in the day. By posting in the morning you can likely get more traffic with each post and earn more with your adsense clicks. When you create a new post and ping blog services your post is put at the top of the list and is then bumped down as newer posts are added. At night, your post may be on the page longer because fewer blogs are being updated but fewer people are searching for posts during this time as well.

Instead, post in the morning and ping your blog to as many places as possible. By doing this far more people will see your post and the rest of your blog. This increase in views earlier in the day has another benefit beyond simple traffic numbers. Adsense ads are run with the highest payout running each day until their quota is reached. What does this mean for you? Increasing traffic in the morning gets you more clicks on higher paying ads which ultimately leads to more money in your virtual pocket.

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