Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tip: Have Content Before You Launch Your Blog

I like many other bloggers made the mistake of promoting my blog before I had more than one post, before I had a theme for my site, and before any of my site was really done. I launched because I thought money is out there to be made and viewers will stick with my site even if it is still under construction. Simply put, they don't.

If you want people who view your blog to come back again and again make sure you have your site done before you go to the far reaches of the web touting just how good it is. Write some well thought out posts that people will enjoy for a few weeks before you want to actually start promoting the site. The idea behind loading your site with content before launch is to give the reader something to dig their teeth into. Let them know what your blog is about, not by telling them but by showing them.

The launch of any site, big or small should be well thought out with the reader in mind.

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