Saturday, November 25, 2006

How to get started with Wordpress

Since I too am somewhat new to using Wordpress I figured I would post what helped me out the most. If you just purchased a domain name and hosting I recommend watching this video put together by Rachel Cunliffe from cre8d design. The video covers everything from doing initial setup with Wordpress to installing it to your web site and some information on basic customization. It is a great resource for getting started blogging and is set to be followed up by another more in depth video that hasn't been released yet.

Another site to check out is Tubetorial. Although not completely dedicated to Wordpress basics they have some useful information, especially their 7 essential hacks. It provides 7 things everyone should do to their blog to make it more receptive for both traffic and search engines.

Still looking for more, try the Wordpress How To's. Wordpress' database of articles is fairly broad and far reaching although the biggest problem I have run into is that the articles talk over the beginner with language most people won't understand. The best option you have is to try the Wordpress How To's first and if they either don't have what you are looking for or the article is hard to understand, try Googling the topic and see what you come up with.

The best learning experience I have had is to play around with Wordpress. Before you get anything on the site that you are worried of losing, tinker with the program and see what happens. You will find this to be one of the best learning experiences you can find. Personally I just mess with a template to make it more "mine" and if something I do doesn't work or I don't like the results I investigate how to make it work or look how I want it to.

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