Friday, November 24, 2006

The value of a blog...

Some downplay the actual importance and value of blogs while others tout the sheer volume of traffic and potential blogs and other new media ventures have. While I fall mainly into the optimistic side I have some skepticism as well. In my eyes it is never good to jump into anything without doing proper research and market analysis but after looking at everything I have I am starting become more and more convinced of the value of new media.

An interesting read I found the other day was on The Jason Calacanis Weblog. In the post Jason discusses one blog he has looked at extensively and just how much it is worth, estimated at least. The estimated value he came up with for Lifehacker was 400k-1 million dollars a year. This number puts its selling value at 2-4 million.

All these huge numbers have got me thinking how much my blogs could be work, eventually. Lifehacker is a blog of about 7M pages which is an astounding number but attainable with the hard work of authors and management. I think this figure shows the true value of not only blogging but having an interesting in-demand niche topic and the writing to back up the number of views you will receive. Above all else, good writing has a draw that nothing else is able to provide a website. Sure, getting plugs on other blogs don't hurt either.

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