Sunday, December 17, 2006

PayPerPost to Require Full Disclosure

PayPerPost, the controversial paid-to-blog company, will now require all of it's bloggers to disclose their affiliation. The move is PayPerPost's move in response to the FTC decision made a few weeks ago. Here is an excerpt from the press release PayPerPost will release about the changes.

PayPerPost’s new Terms of Service require participating content creators to fully disclose site wide with a prominent Disclosure Policy or on a per post basis. To cover the increased blogger and marketplace costs of the company’s new policy, PayPerPost is raising the minimum price per post by one dollar to five dollars per post.
I think this move will quell a lot of the critics who were displeased with PayPerPost's lack of transparency. With most blogs shifting toward increased transparency and the FTC opinion the move is a logical step for the company.

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homemom3 said...

I'm happy to hear about the raise, every little bit helps. :)