Sunday, December 03, 2006

Search Engine Optimization and Christmas

Tweaking your Adsense ads and setting up your blog for the holidays is no good unless you have traffic. One of the best ways you can drive traffic to your blog is by using a technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Each and every day of the year search engines, namely Google, send millions of users to web pages that it indexes. Getting your site indexed and ranked highly on such sites is understandably very important.

  1. Get Indexed - The first thing you will want to take care of before actually optimizing your blog for search engines is to get your site indexed. Most search engines will have a link on their main page to submit your website to. To get indexed you will just have to enter the URL of your blog and give the engine a few weeks to index it. Here are some of the submit sites for the major search engines.

  2. Writing for Humans (And Search Engines TOO!) - When writing for search engine optimization never forget the real reason you are writing, for your human readers. Changing your writing style so that it is more keyword rich is one way which can satisfy both human readers and search engines. There are several different approaches to content writing. The first is to write as you would normally and let the search engines take care of themselves. Another theory, the one I fall into, asks you to write content for both human readers and search engines without sacrificing your writing style for a better search rank.

  3. Inbound Links - Inbound links are links your site receives from other blogs and websites. They form a large part of both search engine rank and increasing traffic. Links are best if they come from bigger sites and are from sites that pertain to your topic. Links don't appear out of nowhere and do require some work. Firstly, writing well is the core of gaining and maintain readers and links. There are more active ways of getting more links including notifying fellow bloggers of your posts that pertain to their topic, submitting the blog to link directories, linking to your other blogs, and swapping links with other bloggers.

  4. Keep Your Site Clean - By finding a niche and implementing a good web design you can also improve your S.E. ranking. The more often you discuss a topic related top a central theme the better you will do on search engines. Similarly, keeping a clean easy to navigate site also helps to boost ones search engine rank.
These are some of the most basic ways to improve your search engine rank. In the coming weeks look for a more extensive list of improving your search engine rank.

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