Saturday, December 02, 2006

Blogging for Money: Update

In case you hadn't noticed the change, I have shifted away from the personal blogging story and more into the helping others mode. I have been several posts a day all weeks and the results...overall traffic broke 100 hits yesterday. I know this number isn't huge but it a significant milestone for me. I am going to continue to post these blogging tips and news since they seem to be well received and hope to wrap up my "Preparing Your Blog for the Holidays" series tomorrow.

I have decided to slow posting, at least temporarily, on Young Dad Daily and Web Medical News so I can focus on this blog, Pens Insider, and my other projects I am working on. Also, I have been rearranging my Adsense ads because they just aren't getting the click through rate I am looking for. Well that's all for now, check back tomorrow for more of the Holiday Blogging series.

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Courtney said...

Congratulations on hitting 100!