Friday, December 01, 2006

Setting Up Adsense To Display Relevent Ads

Since your ads have now been positioned and integrated into your blog to maximum their holiday earning potential it is now time to make sure the ads that are displayed are relevant to your content. Having relevant ads is important to have a good click through rate. Users at your blog will be more likely to click on your ads if they are pertinent to what you write about and they are something they are interested in. Odds are that these are one in the same for most of your readers.

Adsense, as with other contextual-advertising programs, scans your content and displays what it feels are the most relevant ads. What Adsense displays, however, is not always what your blog is actually about. There are ways to correct Adsense so that it displays more relevant ads that will be more likely to be clicked on.

Section targeting is one answer to preventing Adsense from displaying irrelevant ads. It allows you, the blogger, to put code in your blog to tell Adsense what to look at and what content should be ignored. You can use this so the program only focuses on your content not your sidebars, header, etc. You can also utilize section targeting so that off-topic posts on your blogs are ignored when it comes to choosing ads. More on section targeting can be found here.

Another good way to target the Adsense ads has more to do with content than the code of your site. When writing a post consider repeating a word that you want Adsense to pick up on. For example if your are running a blog about the Pittsburgh Penguins, you will want to use the phrase "Pittsburgh Penguins" quite often. This technique, known as keyword density, also increases the likelihood your blog will a higher rating on search engines.

More specifically, there are certain areas of your blog you will want to pay special attention to so your Adsense ads are appropriate for your blog. Your content is by far the most important section of your blog when it comes to determining ads. The content section contains the most information about what your blog is about and makes up the majority of your site. Titles also have some effect on both search engines and Adsense. These programs assume that your post title will pertain to what you are writing about so these too are included into the determination of ads.

Your blogs sidebar may be responsible for a majority of your ads that just don't fit your theme. Many blogs display Adsense ads about blogging not because that is the topic the blog covers, but because it is one of the most frequently used words on the page. This is often done unintentionally as bloggers talk about "their blog" in their side bar and list a "blogroll" in their side bar with sites containing the word "blog". The sheer volume of the word in such a limited space makes Adsense think this is what your blog is about an thus posts ads about blogging.

If you have tried these tips and still seem unable to correct your ads contact Adsense. They will likely be the best source for tips on how you can personally adjust your blog to display more relevant ads.

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