Thursday, January 25, 2007

Some Love for Fellow Blogger Users

I know us 'Blogger Users' lie somewhere on the outside of the blogging community with Wordpress dominating the blogging platform market. I will admit I have not fully explored blogger and I am a user of both platforms but great things still exist for those on blogger. Kip at wowimo will be posting 10 (+1) tips introducing people to the basics (and not so basics) of blogger. It will be a great set of posts to watch as blogger will be a huge driving force behind blogging groth because of its ease of use and drag and drop capabilities.

Here is a list of topics that will be covered by series of posts called 10 steps of blogger setup:

  1. Blogger Settings - which do you select and what do they mean?
  2. About Me - Using this page to your advantage and advanced tips.
  3. Finding a focus - what are you going to write about? Why?
  4. Posting How-To's - maximizing the impact of your posts.
  5. Creating a blogging schedule - figure out how much time you're willing to devote.
  6. Design and Layout - Google ads? Affiliate Programs? Links to other sites and blogs?
  7. Building a content base - Spend 2 or 3 months posting regularly to create a robust blog.
  8. Reaching out - getting other bloggers to start reading your blog.
  9. Feedburner or Feedblitz - setting up an email subscription to your posts.
  10. Submitting to Blog Directories - help Internet users find you.
  11. BONUS - advanced tips for hacking your blog.
Here is a permanent link to the series of posts

(via 901am)

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