Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tired of Poorly Targeted Ads?

Well Adsense is doing something about. ProBlogger is discussing a post by Bryan at Caydel's SEO Blog that indicates Google is beta testing negative keyword targeting with select users. All I can say is finally! I have really struggled with targeting ads on my Pens Insider blog because I get a lot of ads about office supplies. The blog is about hockey, specifically the Pittsburgh Penguins and being able to tell Google what not to display is something I would really love to get my hands on.

This is one step off of positive keyword targeting in which users could tell AdSense what their blog is about and have ads focused on those terms. I think Google's reluctance in adding a feature like this is that many may abuse it in an attempt to have higher paying keywords displayed on their blog. Right now only large publishers are able to tell AdSense what ads they want to be displayed.

Should be interesting to see when and if either of these keyword targeting systems eventually make it into the AdSense mainstream.

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