Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What is wrong with Akismet?

In recent weeks I have noticed Akismet has been slowly leaking more and more spam while others are reporting that real comments are being caught up in the system. Just today Akismet released a version 2.0 of its favorite plugin but I am wondering if this will quell the problems that have been going on.

Akismet is one of three plugins that come automatically bundled into free blogs and Wordpress downloads. Having the whole blogging world (at least a good chunk of it) depend on one plugin to catch spam seems outrageous especially when situations like this arise and the whole blogging community is blogged down with spam that had previously been caught. Not to mention if someone learns how to break the system then the blogosphere would grind to a halt as all sites on Wordpress are rundown with an influx of spam messages.

I think there is a solution to this problem however. I think a new open-source project will be on the horizon, if it isn't already. This solution will enable everyone with proper ability to join the project and make it the go to plugin for spam protection. I am sure many people will be on the lookout for a new solution.

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