Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Beginning the Lauch

Although the actual launch date of my new venture is months away, today was the first day I actively promoted and recruited for the websites. Responses are good right now and many more responses should be on the way tonight and tomorrow. The responses are good and the active recruiting is actually a big step. Although I am not quite ready to announce the projects in the open an announcement should be ready for this weekend.

This recruitment includes several different positions I am needing to fill and once the project is announced many more jobs will be included. If you are interested in contacting me know about any openings with project X and project Y please email me at kris AT k2blogs.com.

Today I was also able to post to my blogs several times and do a bit of research into some of the technical aspects of blogging. I started to research templates some more for my new blogs on Wordpress and made a little headway. Although I am far from the end point, working on the pages little by little is slowly getting the project finished.

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