Monday, November 20, 2006

Using Content Writing to Make Money With Your Blog

When you first start your blog it can be hard to come up with topics that will keep users coming back to your blog and generate income at the same time. There is an easy solution to overcoming this problem and it comes in the form of content writing. Content writing, also know as freelance writing, is the publishing of full articles online for money. There are several freelancing sites but the best site to pair with your blog is Associated Content (aff.).

Associated Content is a website which offers content producers (authors) money for their articles. The pay is about $10 per every 500-word article. Although this amount isn't the most you could make for your time, content writing has unlimited potential for future income. With Associated Content you can write on just about any topic and receive a nice amount for your time commitment. But this is not where the articles money earning potential ends. Write about or post the article onto your blog and make more money by garnering more traffic and page views.

The best way to combine blogging and content writing is to write an article for your blog that is between 400 and 500 words, then submit it to AC as well. You can even add a link to your blog in each of the articles giving your blogs more links and a higher likelihood of being seen. Writing for Associated Content is a great option for bloggers looking to increase their blogging revenue and their traffic.

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