Thursday, November 09, 2006

Getting Closer

Everyday puts me a little closer to my end goal. After hitting some snags the debut of the newest project is going to be held off until next weekend. The project is going to be using Wordpress as the main site and I have purchased two domains so far for the project. Today I worked on getting used to the new domains and I started to look for a Wordpress template for the site.

This weekend is going to be spent on getting more of the backbone parts of the new venture so when next weekend and the "live" stage rolls around everything will go as smooth as possible. This project is a massive undertaking and will likely make waves once it is fully operational. This is not another blog but something much greater.

Since the site isn't going to be ready this weekend I will announce what the project is this Sunday, one week before the launch of a new chapter of my blogging career.

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