Friday, November 03, 2006

More Advertising Changes

Well as a sort of continued post from yesterday, I have continued to adjust my advertisements. In the week or so that I have been serious about blogging I have come to understand a lot of things. After crunching some numbers on my four blogs I have found some interesting things out.

  1. Google link units are easier to impliment and also draw more traffic than their traditional units.
  2. Adbrite, to this point, is the most profitable advertising source
    • Note: I haven't tried every advertising type by every company so this is just my experience as it stands right now.
  3. Modifying advertisements and tracking the difference in clicks is key to being successful at advertising placement.
Those are a few of the lessons I've learned so far and tonight I will continue to play around with adding the new ads to all of my blogs. After this post I will have updated all of my blogs at least once today (My personal goal). I am going to make a part 3 about my advertising modifications in the morning after I have a chance to do some more experimenting with different options on each of my blogs.

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