Thursday, January 04, 2007

Performancing Nixes PayPerPost Deal

As I first read on ProBlogger, Performancing has called off its proposed sale to controversial PayPerPost. The single reason for the cancelled sale was user displeasure and I have to say it hasn't really surprised me to see this. I first reported the sale a few weeks back and ever since word got out users of Performancing have been voicing their displeasure with the sale.

The Performancing blog has all of the details but here is the shortened version of what is ahead for them. Their blog statistics package entitled metrics will be going open source and will probably be used in quite a variety of applications. Performancing Partners, the up and coming ad network developed by the company will be retained and should form the bulk of what Performancing is operating, at least under than name.

I also reported a few days after the sale was announced that they would be rebranding their Firefox plugin as ScribeFire. This part of the original plan is still on and the two will be operated under completely different names from here on out.

So after all that where does it leave Performancing/ScribeFire? Well they are actually positioned a bit better now as far as branding goes as they have developed unique names for their two very good, but very unique services. I have to say the ScribeFire name is quite catchy and should yield good results for them. They are definitely going to be one hot blogging property to keep an eye on as we continue in 2007.

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