Friday, January 05, 2007

TechCrunch Adds Forums, But Why?

Most of those who 'Blog for Money' have probably read, linked, or at least heard of TechCrunch. The site that focuses on anything online has announced that they have added forums. No I am all about forums as I really like what they are able to accomplish but they seem to be a bit, well, out of place with what TechCrunch is all about. TechCrunch is and will always remain a blog at its core and with blogs priding themselves on user interaction via comments it seems like a quirky move.

Why is it such an odd move? Well because there are plenty of other online forums out there to discuss the exact same things that TechCrunch is all about. The only real viable reason I have found for the move is because TechCrunch has been getting flooded with emails since they became big with pitches about the latest online happenings and forums will allow users to post their ideas there and those involved with TechCrunch can just read the forums to find ideas that interest them.

Here is how TechCrunch has described the forums:

Create a thread on any topic you like. This is a good place to pitch your new startup or product if it hasn’t been featured yet on TechCrunch (or even if it has), share tips with the community, spread rumors, or endlessly debate the definition (or existence) of Web 2.0. When interesting conversations spring up, we’ll link to them from the main TechCrunch blog.
I have to admit they will be something I will be frequenting quite often not because I think they are necessarily unique but because they will be fairly busy and should provide bloggers with some ideas before they hit the mainstream and are tired and old.

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